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We are the leading U.S.-based manufacturer and global exporter of JINN® energy drinks and LuckyLand® health products, including natural vitamins and minerals, herbal supplements, energy drinks, products for immune support, erectile dysfunction, sports nutrition, and weight management.

In 2013, our company introduced a brand new energy drink to the market - JINN ®. This is a blockbuster source of energy, formulated to bring you enormous rush of energy to last long hours.

In 2018, we extended the line of JINN® energy drinks by adding the all-natural version in two great flavors. The concept of JINN energy drinks came from the founder of LuckyLand, Inc. Ray Sanducci. As a long-time athlete and coach in martial arts, a karate practitioner with a black belt and 3 stars, he always sought to find better and healthier ways to replenish the body, improve the mind and spirit. The energy drinks market did not have much to offer. Hence, JINN was born. JINN is made with only natural ingredients, non-GMO ingredients of the highest quality and does not contain artificial ingredients, colorings, or flavors, added sugars, and calories.

From initial product inquiry to final delivery of goods, LuckyLand, Inc. offers years of experience in international distribution and exceptional service .

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Our customers come first. We prove this every day by providing the best products at the lowest prices.

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