Our Awards and Achievements

As a world-class company, LuckyLand,Inc was recognized numerous times for outstanding products, being in high demand worldwide.

In 2017, LuckyLand,Inc was voted to be the Best Dietary and Nutritional supplements Manufacturer by Worldwide Business Review and won a prestigious Global SME Award.

The same year, a highly acclaimed Acquisition International Magazine handpicked LuckyLand,Inc as the best company for Sports Supplements 2017 - Los Angeles, "based purely on the comprehensive analysis and qualitative and quantitative research undertaken by the wider group", according to Acquisition International Magazine. " It provides us with a chance to reward and promote talent on a truly global platform. This proven approach ensures that we select our candidates on merit – not popularity – and recognize the very best in business, from a single office firm to an international conglomerate; we select those that are succeeding in their endeavors, innovating, growing and improving."

These are the leading criteria that enabled Acquisition International Magazine to honor LuckyLand,Inc. with the reputable 2017 Global Excellence Award.

Besides being an award-winning US company, LuckyLand,Inc. also carries distinguished LuckyLand products, especially sports supplements. Voted Best Protein Supplement 2017 by Worldwide Business Review and a winner of Global SME Awards 2017, LuckyLand Whey Protein Blend is among the most popular whey protein powders, employed by bodybuilders and strength trainers, dieters, endurance athletes, team sports players worldwide.

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